Example competency questions

Answer the following six questions in no more than 300 words each. You can type your answers in the boxes provided, and print out your answers on the last page if you wish.

Print out your answers below.

Question one

We are seeking to recruit people with initiative and drive. Can you describe a situation where you have demonstrated these skills?


Question two

Planning, implementation and achieving results: Describe a challenging project, activity or event which you have planned and taken through to a conclusion. Include your objective, what you did, any changes you made to your plan and state how you measured your success.


Question three

Use the space below to describe with dates (year) any spare-time activities. Include organising, leading or group activities. Those requiring initiative, creativity or providing intellectual development are also of interest.


Question four

Please describe your strengths and weaknesses.


Question five

Give an example of a situation where you dealt effectively with a complex organisational problem. What did you do? What was the outcome? What have you learnt?


Question six

Describe how you have achieved a goal through influencing the actions or opinions of others.


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